Party time!

The Party time!

Hanging out with your friends/family, having a fun time, eating food and be merry – that’s what I call a party! And for my little one – shaking legs with mom and dad, eating chips and juice, playing a game(from his selection of games) and eating a cake is party! He loves it but we don’t do it very often just to retain the charm of his party! He loves it, enjoys it so so much.

Asks me endless time during the day,when is the party? Are we having a party today? When the time appoaches, do I look ok for the party? Bless my little soul and bless the kids who find happiness in these little things. Two songs is what you need and the first number has to be lungi dance (hindi number)The party lasts for about 45 min but the happiness for next few days!

The best moment came yesterday after we finished playing his memory cards, when my husband asked him, how was the party? And he replied, it was good!!….thank you mom and dad!!

Thank you dear son, for teaching the real happiness is! šŸ™‚

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