This is New York!!

On a lazy Sunday afternoon!

Lego day! Ryo wanted to play Lego today with his dad! They marked their area on the board into half and decided to do some stuff. The dad has just stacked few block together and the little heart said – wow New York!!!

He was in New York few weeks ago and we were amazed to how he guessed this!! This was just so awesome…We don’t realize probably, but kids even at this age get a perception of a town, city and country. We always thought probably for him a change of city is only meeting new poeple and new home. But that’s not the case always…he didn’t say that I know how New York looks like and feels like but he knew! When the time came, he simply popped out his heart – this was awesome!

He simply took over his dad work and added the stuff the way he liked. He even remembered seeing a little tunnel in central park. I wonder for how long he has been this thoughful and has memory of other places with him…I’ve never asked him this before that how does a city look like. But now I know that he has a certain perception towards places like we all have. There is certainly no age to build this perception but certainly it’s amazing to know when your little one develops this.

Next he said I want to make we asked how Dublin looks like. He simply looked out of the window to began to ponder..

I know you imagine…
I know you create…
Let there be no boundary…
For whatever you desire, you achieve!

Bless the growing little soul

#HopingLife#letthemgrow# my6crayons

2015-04-28 08.42.39

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