Cards in making!

This month has been busy for my little one. I decided to send birthday cards to as many duchenne boys as I can, just to give an extra wish, an extra smile and an extra dose of happiness on their birthdays. I decided to do this and my little helper is actually doing this.


He is super excited and super happy doing these. He is writing these cards and very happily decorating them. I’m very happy doing this – joy of giving! I know how much I like getting cards on mu birthday and I know Ryo would love it too so why not send the cards to these boys!

Ryo asked me any times is last few week about who us going to get this card. I simply told him that you don’t know them but you are just sending across some good wishes to them. He curiously asked me, so tell me mom – who is going to get this cards. I told him, little boys like you!


I’m so proud of him – the way he is going it and asking me everytime – how does it look mommy?



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