Ryo was born on 10.22.2010, almost seven weeks early. He came out a tiny cute little baby – we named him Ryo which means a fighter, a survivor – because he did really well even though he came early. He is really adorable and very sweet kid to talk to. He is wish child that every parent would want – a very well behaved gem he is. I’m not saying because he is mine but actually he is. The things that he do just melts your heart away. And yes, he is very naughty and talk endlessly, makes you do things when he want to but he is just perfect. For a mom, a child is always perfect no matter what! He is always smiling and my heart smiles seeing him smile.

He loves puzzles, puzzles and puzzles and random things, animal soft toys and books! Books are his treasure and he loves reading and telling stories. He is four now and loves playing with lego. Going more sweeter with time. He loves putting back things when he is done – yes, he does put back things and he likes doing that! He is just like any other boy of his age, playing, reading, watching tv, eating tofees, going to park, getting gifts – his hopes are like any other kid! He is getting to know his limitations now, which is terrible and heartbreaking to see.

He is a gem that we have been treasured with…we love him and he loves us too…


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