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This is New York!!

On a lazy Sunday afternoon!

Lego day! Ryo wanted to play Lego today with his dad! They marked their area on the board into half and decided to do some stuff. The dad has just stacked few block together and the little heart said – wow New York!!!

He was in New York few weeks ago and we were amazed to how he guessed this!! This was just so awesome…We don’t realize probably, but kids even at this age get a perception of a town, city and country. We always thought probably for him a change of city is only meeting new poeple and new home. But that’s not the case always…he didn’t say that I know how New York looks like and feels like but he knew! When the time came, he simply popped out his heart – this was awesome!

He simply took over his dad work and added the stuff the way he liked. He even remembered seeing a little tunnel in central park. I wonder for how long he has been this thoughful and has memory of other places with him…I’ve never asked him this before that how does a city look like. But now I know that he has a certain perception towards places like we all have. There is certainly no age to build this perception but certainly it’s amazing to know when your little one develops this.

Next he said I want to make Dublin..so we asked how Dublin looks like. He simply looked out of the window to began to ponder..

I know you imagine…
I know you create…
Let there be no boundary…
For whatever you desire, you achieve!

Bless the growing little soul

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Party time!

The Party time!

Hanging out with your friends/family, having a fun time, eating food and be merry – that’s what I call a party! And for my little one – shaking legs with mom and dad, eating chips and juice, playing a game(from his selection of games) and eating a cake is party! He loves it but we don’t do it very often just to retain the charm of his party! He loves it, enjoys it so so much.

Asks me endless time during the day,when is the party? Are we having a party today? When the time appoaches, do I look ok for the party? Bless my little soul and bless the kids who find happiness in these little things. Two songs is what you need and the first number has to be lungi dance (hindi number)The party lasts for about 45 min but the happiness for next few days!

The best moment came yesterday after we finished playing his memory cards, when my husband asked him, how was the party? And he replied, it was good!!….thank you mom and dad!!

Thank you dear son, for teaching the real happiness is! 🙂

The red bike!


The Red Bike

Oh wow! He can ride a bicycle!!


Ok! Well, it could be ok for millions of mom’s who have a four plus year old but it’s not an ok for me – for me it a milestone that I have been waiting since he turned 18 months – yes! Three years later, finally he can ride a bicycle!!

My little monster worked really hard on it but never got frustrated or gave up. I think he now realizes his limitations at times which is in a way good for him so he dosent he really push for it too hard, but also that dosent mean he never tries! He could go endless times on a slide, run nonstop everywhere! Untill a month ago, we didn’t even know that he could ride. One day while talking to his teacher she exclaimed, ‘Athrv can ride a bike, when he joined in November, he never could’. Wow, I was so happy and elated and it just bought tears to my eyes. She saw me – I think she understood how happy I was! We bought his first bike when he turned two, then one more thinking he might use that one, but he never did. And finally we stopped buying when we moved to a new place.

Last few weeks have been full of excitement, telling the people who understand that he can ride a bike! It’s not just about bike, for us it’s a milestone which we never thought he would be able to do. So here comes, the Red Bike – welcome home, we waited for you really long!


Love of life, full of life


This is life for him – happy day at school and a pop after school! He loves his day – for him a perfect day is just this, nothing more and nothing less. I wish this was life. Little does he knows about him, I wish I never get a chance to tell him and hope it goes fine. A big hope – but a hope with honest heart.

Now I look back time, exactly 18 months ago..life was perfect. We had everything in life we wanted but we were just struggling. We get so unthankful about life at times and start taking thing for granted that we don’t even treasure what we have. Just keep hoping for things in life becomes our way of living. We forget how lucky we are to have things which we have. Life was complete before Duchenne entered our life, it was perfect but we didn’t look at it that way. You only think it was perfect when something else comes your way. That’s a human nature…

We had our own priorities, own career, own life, own ambitions but now ryo is our career our ambition and our priority . Life has taken a new path where we have hope walking with us and guiding us. Always thought of living close to our family, but we have come miles apart to have the best for him. This is beginning of our new journey, our fight with Duchenne in a new country.

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I would still have chosen you….

I would still have chosen you – Terri Banish

If before you were born, I could have gone to heaven and saw all the beautiful souls…I would still have chosen you

If God had told me,”This soul would one day need extra care and needs”…I would still have chosen you

If He would have told me,”This soul may make your heart bleed”…I would still have chosen you

If He had told me,”This soul will make you question the depth of your faith”…I would still have chosen you

If He had told me,”This soul may one day witness overbearing suffering”…I would still have chosen you

If He had told me,”All that you know to be normal will drastically change”…I would still have chosen you

Ofcourse I know, I would still have chosen you, I know, it was God who chose me for you.


here i start…

I’ve been writing for years, those old famous secretly way of putting down things in a so called personal diary. A personal diary, no one allowed to touch or read anything, writing moments, feelings, school, life, college, friends…and what not.

Years ago, thought of starting to write online but probably something which I could share, started writing about different things. Never could decide what would I really want to write about. I love travelling – so it should be travelling, this was back in 2007! Few days and weeks I worked on it but then i thought i would enjoy writing about food, I love eating different cuisines because i just love eating. Few days later I decided, I actually want to write about cooking, I like cooking as well. Here I go i started again and then baking – my all time wholewheat cakes and the few other topics. But then with time I got lost, got involved with family, work, kid and wonder what not. Now putting everything aside, the only things that’s on my mind day and night is Duchenne. I would have never even thought of writing my journey, our journey with something that I hate the most – Duchenne. And this is my acceptance that I’ve to live with for rest of my life. Over eighteen months, i have realised acceptance gives you courage and is your best fried when nothings works out. Yes, I’ve accepted it but this dosent mean we are not fighting with it. I’m truly hopinglife for my son and for all the young souls. The hardest bitter truth of life is seeing your little heart in pain – but I’ve hope and will not let it go.

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