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Take me out to the ocean…

Take me out to the ocean…
Take me out to the sea…
There goes a starfish and sand dollar,
I’m having such fun, I’ve just got to holler
Oh, it’s swim, swim, swim, underwater
Catch a ride on a whale, don’t fear,
For the sea animals are our friends,
Let’s give a great big cheer!

First road trip in the US and the little boy is excited!! He couldn’t decide where he wanted to go for a vacations – one day it was beach and another day it was mountains – and then he said, ‘I want to go to China!’ Yeah, my little boy wants to go to China to see the Great Wall 🙂

Finally, he made a distinct point that it has to be beach. Lot of shopping done and he is all set and too enthusiastic. He has been to beach few times before but I think age plays a big role. He think he is a big boy now, can make big castles, do canoeing – which he couldn’t do earlier. So with lots of breaks and food on our way, I’m waiting to see how he reacts when we get there and hoping he does everything that he wants to do. Accompanying him is his fried Simba!

China is on our list now, if he desire even when he grows up! 🙂

Breaks and fun and food#2015Summervacation


Bike day!

So finally he made it to be a part of Bike day at school! He really enjoyed, even though I asked him to rest after few rounds but I’m glad that he was part of the event !




A little boy and a yellow duck!!

Today was our MDA walk, our first MDA walk – HopingLife and cure for my little boy and and all duchenne boys.

My little boy walked too and enjoyed there! He got a yellow duck and a tattoo and ate a pizza slice, little games and then a little walk with the yellow duck- these series of events made his day! He didn’t know much about what was happening or why we were there, he just went with the flow, got little goodies and some candies and ofcourse a yellow duck and then joined us for the walk!

More than a walk, it is actually raising awareness and funds about Muscular Dystrophy and let people be aware about the rare life threatening conditions and support finding cure – this is what we need and this is what everyone needs! A cure, a life full of blessing for everyone. Its hard to imagine, that with all technology with us we are still away from finding a cure, but hope not for long- I hope my little contribution from my family and friends helps them find a cure!



This is New York!!

On a lazy Sunday afternoon!

Lego day! Ryo wanted to play Lego today with his dad! They marked their area on the board into half and decided to do some stuff. The dad has just stacked few block together and the little heart said – wow New York!!!

He was in New York few weeks ago and we were amazed to how he guessed this!! This was just so awesome…We don’t realize probably, but kids even at this age get a perception of a town, city and country. We always thought probably for him a change of city is only meeting new poeple and new home. But that’s not the case always…he didn’t say that I know how New York looks like and feels like but he knew! When the time came, he simply popped out his heart – this was awesome!

He simply took over his dad work and added the stuff the way he liked. He even remembered seeing a little tunnel in central park. I wonder for how long he has been this thoughful and has memory of other places with him…I’ve never asked him this before that how does a city look like. But now I know that he has a certain perception towards places like we all have. There is certainly no age to build this perception but certainly it’s amazing to know when your little one develops this.

Next he said I want to make Dublin..so we asked how Dublin looks like. He simply looked out of the window to began to ponder..

I know you imagine…
I know you create…
Let there be no boundary…
For whatever you desire, you achieve!

Bless the growing little soul

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2015-04-28 08.42.39

Party time!

The Party time!

Hanging out with your friends/family, having a fun time, eating food and be merry – that’s what I call a party! And for my little one – shaking legs with mom and dad, eating chips and juice, playing a game(from his selection of games) and eating a cake is party! He loves it but we don’t do it very often just to retain the charm of his party! He loves it, enjoys it so so much.

Asks me endless time during the day,when is the party? Are we having a party today? When the time appoaches, do I look ok for the party? Bless my little soul and bless the kids who find happiness in these little things. Two songs is what you need and the first number has to be lungi dance (hindi number)The party lasts for about 45 min but the happiness for next few days!

The best moment came yesterday after we finished playing his memory cards, when my husband asked him, how was the party? And he replied, it was good!!….thank you mom and dad!!

Thank you dear son, for teaching the real happiness is! 🙂